Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

Are you a current HCV program participant?
Would you like to earn free money, just by paying your rent?

If you answered yes to these questions the FSS program may be for you!

What is FSS?

As an HCV voucher holder, your portion of the monthly rent is tied to your income. If you make more money at work, you may owe a larger portion of your rent. Under the FSS program that increased rent payment amount will go into a savings account, and be given to you when you complete the program. Along the way, we’ll help you with Job skills training, financial counseling, and other resources to help you succeed. Continue reading about FSS.

To Apply:

Fill out our FSS Interest Form: Online | PDF

Contact us:

  • Labrigni Rodgers: Senior FSS Coordinator
    Phone:  (210) 231-2043
  • Last Names A – J:  Ida Loredo, FSS Coordinator
    Phone:  (210) 231-2002
  • Last Names K – Z:  Maria Perez, FSS Coordinator
  • Phone:  (210) 231-2033

The FSS program is only available to current HCV participants. Click Here to learn more about the HCV program