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The Director of Government Programs & Finance is responsible for overall operation of the Housing Authority’s Finance Department and Assisted Housing programs, under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Director of Government Programs & Finance performs managerial, supervisory, and administrative tasks involved in planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing efforts to provide low-income housing through the Assisted Housing lease program, with strong emphasis on HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program


Government Program Department

• Monitors maintenance of Assisted Housing records to ensure compliance with HUD regulations and Housing Authority policies and procedures concerning housing programs.

• Monitor the occupancy rates of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Special Programs and Public Housing Program, including the Two-Year Tool.

• Prepares grant applications for additional funding, as well as track and renew current grants.

• Establishes and maintains HUD-required financial records and statistical reports, and assists with HUD monitoring and reviews.

• Analyzes complex financial data, extracts and defines relevant information, and interprets data to determine past financial performance, project feasibility, and process improvements.

• Monitors changes in Federal, State, and local laws and regulations affecting the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program by reading legislative reports, periodicals, and related materials.

• Implement standard operation procedures, reports, and tracking systems to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information and enforces department policies and procedures.

• Coordinates, supervises and identifies training needed in the department’s workflow; monitors the department performance, as well as provide counsel for the supervisory staff.

• Conduct audits to maintain the integrity of the programs and the department.

• Oversee and coordinate the annual SEMAP report.

Finance Department 

• Oversee accounting and financial administrative functions, financial reporting and compliance.

• Plan and coordinate audits with external auditors including the preparation of the annual audit report.

• Oversee, implement, and evaluate internal controls and best practices.

• Develop and conduct policy, procedures, controls, or actions as needed.

• Prepares and submits reports, budgets, records, and statistical information to the Executive Directive and Board of Commissioners.

• Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system of accounting, procurement, reporting and all HABC’s records. 

• Assists with financial and strategic planning for the agency. 

• Develop annual budgets.