Property Manager

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Full / Part

Full Time


The Porter, under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor or Property Manager, performs manual
work of routine difficulty involving the cleaning and maintenance of buildings and grounds. Responsible
for the cleaning of sidewalks, parking lots and the like as well as the cleaning of the main office,
residential units, and other public/private buildings on the premises.


• Operates electric buffer, vacuum cleaners, and other similar equipment to clean floors by
sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, waxing, buffing floors along with shampooing and vacuuming
• Dusts and polishes furniture, woodwork, and shelving, and empties and cleans wastebaskets,
ashtrays, and windows to enhance housing quality standards.
• Cleans/disinfects commodes, sinks, bathtubs, walls, rest rooms, water fountains and replenish
rest room supplies to enhance sanitary conditions.
• Maintains grounds by picking up litter and pet waste, watering grass and plants, sweeping
sidewalks and parking lots, raking leaves, and cultivating plants. Also break down large items so
they will fit in dumpster.
• Responsible for the cleaning of sidewalks, parking lots, pool area and cleaning of the main
office, residential units, and other public/private buildings on the premises.
• Operates gasoline-powered lawnmowers, gas or electric blowers, pressure washers, weed
eaters and the like to mow and edge grass, and trim trees.
• Checks and changes as needed light bulbs, fuses, and A/C filters.
• Follows simple diagrams for arranging tables and chairs.
• Picks up and delivers messages and/or supplies.
• Reads and follows warning labels on chemicals and various cleaning agents used in the
• Follows detailed and specific oral and written instructions.
• Determines if a supervisor or designated maintenance technician needs to be consulted for
guidance on specific tasks.
• Performs moderately to considerably strenuous physical activity.
• Performs a limited number of related tasks that are routine in nature and require some
judgment or decision-making.
• Operates various building and grounds maintenance tools and equipment (mowers, hedgers,
augers, buffers, and climbing ladders).
• Drives manual shift vehicles, electric and/or gas-powered carts.
• Follows safety requirements in the using of different chemicals for cleaning.
• Follows the methods, materials and equipment used in maintaining buildings and the grounds
in and surrounding the complex.
• Performs surface preparation and painting of exterior walls.
• Follows sanitary procedures in dealing with litter and pet waste.
• Other responsibilities, duties, and skills may be required and assigned, as needed.