The Housing Authority of Bexar County's housing programs include the Housing Choice Voucher program and the Public Housing Program/Scattered sites.

The jurisdiction of the Housing Authority of Bexar County (HABC) is the County of Bexar and other communities in and around the city of San Antonio. 

The following goals and objectives are incorporated into HABC's Public Housing Agency Plan.  The goals and objectives have been identified to enable HABC to serve the needs of low-income, and very low-income, and extremely low-income families.

            1.     Expand the supply of assisted housing.

a.     Apply for additional funding when available;

b.     Increase the Voucher Payment Standards as needed; and

c.     Leverage public and private funds to create additional housing opportunities, with a focus on Special Populations.

            2.     Ensure equal opportunity and affirmatively further fair


a.     Promote fair housing and the opportunity for income-eligible households of all backgrounds to experience the freedom of housing choice;

b.     Provide fair housing information and brochures to the public;

c.     Collaborate with the Bexar County Department of Community Resources in promoting fair housing and expanding housing opportunities; and

d.     Conduct owner/agent outreach efforts throughout Bexar County.

3.    Promote self-sufficiency and asset development of assisted households.

a.     Increase the number and percentage of employed persons in assisted families;

b.     Provide or attract supportive services to improve assistance recipients’ employability; and

c.     Work to ensure that FSS families use existing local resources to promote self-sufficiency.

      4.    Increase emergency housing and supportive services for

      households in crisis.

a.     Administer grants for emergency housing and supportive services;

b.     Expand HABC’s collaboration with area social service agencies; and

c.     Work with community partners to increase awareness of programs.



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