Maintenance Tech




Property Manager

Regular / Temp


Full / Part

Full Time


• Responsible for helping to maintain the entire property in an attractive, comfortable condition.
• Assists in trash pickup, bulk pick, Laundry facilities trash, pool maintenance and curb appeal on
the property.
• Assists in all types of maintenance, when necessary and as requested.
• Complete the turnovers/make-readies of vacant units, as requested and in a timely manner.
• On-call in accordance with scheduling to handle maintenance emergencies from residents and
property emergencies
• Assists with resident functions, as requested.
• On call required


The activities listed below are not all inclusive; however, they are indicative of the types of activities
normally performed by the Maintenance Tech.

• Complete all duties regarding make-ready/vacant units as assigned by Maintenance Lead and /or
Property Manager.
• Assist during trash-out of the apartment, moving heavy bulky items to designated property
• Inspect vacated apartments and complete Make-Ready checklist before beginning turn over.
• Replace or repair window screens, latches, hinges, shelving, baseboards, mirrors, closets doors,
mini-blinds, ceiling fans, lights, etc.
• Check faucets, sink plugs and repair/replace as necessary.
• Services general plumbing and basic electrical needs of the property to include replacing/fixing
toilets, light switches, garbage disposals, ceiling fans, etc.
• Make new keys when requested. Replace vacancy lock (if applicable) on day lock is changed for
new resident move-in.
• Assists in maintaining inventory of tools, equipment and supplies and report any supplies needed
to Maintenance Lead and / or Property Manager.
• Replace burned out light bulbs, broken globes, etc., in units and throughout the exterior of the
property, as needed.
• Service appliances, as requested.