Procurement Guidelines

The objectives of procurement activities is the timely acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment, construction and professional services while addressing the following guiding principles:

Invitation for Bids

All significant formal Bids and Proposals whose total estimated value exceeds $50,000 will be advertised in local newspapers, posted on HABC web site, and by mailing invitations to businesses of record including minority associations and businesses. Informal quote solicitations for goods and services valued under $50,000 may be obtained by phone, email, fax or US mail.

The award shall be made to the “lowest responsible and responsive bidder” taking into consideration quality, and performance of the contractor on similar projects.

Request for Proposals / Request for Qualifications

Request for Proposals will be issued and advertised for services or special projects and allows for a wider interpretation of what is required of the service provider in order to complete the project successfully. Proposals will be evaluated on price, scope of services offered, responsiveness, ability and history of successfully completing contracts of this type, references and key personnel.

Request for Qualifications will be issued and advertised requesting qualifications and performance data from architects, engineers, landscape architects and consulting/professional firms.  The selection of a consultant will not be based solely on price.  Factors such as qualifications and experience of principals and staff, methodology, management, technical support, financial stability, experience and history of the firm will be considered